One Hackney Case Study Creation of a Micro-Environment

With Making Room D


2 x large house plants, 1 x small carpet


400+ magazines, 2 x recycling bags filled


1 x sofa, 1 x armchair, 2 x kitchen chairs , A room divider, TV, 2 x electric heater, 1 x bag refuse


D is an 81 year old homeowner. She lives alone in Victorian 4 storey house. D had been living in the ground floor and basement of her property for several years. D was admitted to hospital, and on discharge was confined to the kitchen due to inability to use the stairs.

D was referred to making room by her AGE UK community navigator.



On assessment D was sleeping in a chair in the small kitchen, where she was also using a commode and eating.

Her basic living needs were not being met.

The property was cluttered and disordered throughout, with a large number of magazines and foodstuffs in rooms, scoring a rating of 5 on the clutter image rating.

Our assessment confirmed that D was consenting and committed to the change that needed to take place in order for her physical and mental wellbeing.

We agreed to 2 members of staff to work with D for four hours over 2 sessions – 2 One Hackney Making Room intervention programmes (16 hours).

Client Goals

Making Room to assist in creating a micro-environment in the lounge, with enough space for a hospital bed

Working Together

D’s lack of mobility meant that she had to remain in the kitchen whilst Making Room staff worked in the lounge.

Our techniques were adapted to meet D’s needs and included taking photographs of the room as we worked and using these to allow D to instruct staff, and making lists with D which was very effective.

Outcome – client’s goals achieved

D is now able to elevate her legs, which will speed up her recovery.

This in turn means D has regained some confidence in her mobility

Also made access for district nurse and other frontline staff easier.

Future Action

After the one Hackney funded intervention D shared that she felt ready and able to further improve her quality of life with a more extensive declutter. Making Room provided her and her community navigator with the information to consider her options to fund and complete this.