Support & Care Resources & Services in Hackney

MRS Independent Living

Our services include

Making Room - Providing help for hoarders


Hackney’s handy Person’s service


Staying Steady - Specialist strength and balance training


Contact us at  or the main switchboard at 0330 380 1013


Voluntary organisation providing volunteers for specific tasks / projects and befriending for specific tasks / projects and befriending

Hackney Volunteering and Befriending Service

Tel: 0207 275 9829

Adult Community Rehabilitation Team

St. Leonard’s Hospital, Nu all Street, N1 5LZ

Tel: 020 7683 4148

Hackney Targeted Prevention Service

Services include Voluntary and Befriending Service, Health & Wellbeing and Floating Support

Call Outward on 0207 249 9004 or email for more information

Adult Social Services Access Team

Tel: 0208 356 6262

Hackney iCare

An on-line resource which provides an extensive directory of services available in the borough.

Advocacy for All Hackney

Free advocacy service for hackney residents aged 18 or older and living in the community.

Provides advocacy around support to access health, social care service, support to engage with health, social care services Support with a housing / education / employment / leisure issue

Support to resolve a dispute with a provider

Tel: 0208 525 2327

Mental Health Resources & Services in Hackney

City & Hackney Wellbeing Network

Tel: 0208 525 2301

Freephone: 0800 612 6585

Centre for Better Health

A community-based charity that supports well-being & recovery from mental ill-health.

Tel: 0208 985 3570

Therapeutic Community and Outreach Service

Tel: 0208 510 2332

Referral via care professional e.g. GP

Mental Health Specific Websites - self refer for talking therapies - onlinecommunity of people who are anxious, down or not coping who support and help each other, guided by professionals.
www.ocdac - provides support and informa on to anybody a ected by OCD